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Remote Desktop Support

Instant support in three steps
Let us show you how in three easy steps.

1. What do you do fistly?

Download the “RDS-Anviz” from Anviz website.

2. What do you do secondly?

Run the program by double click.

3. What do you do finally?

Give the RDS_Anviz ID to Anivz to connect to your desktop.Wait for Anviz connection...

Control the remote computer
Neither an installation nor administrator rights are required by you adn Anviz merely run a small program and you are ready to go.
Control the remote computer
Conveniently transfer files from or to the remote computer.
Spontaneously change the direction at any time
It not only let Anviz logon the customer’s computer but also let the customer logon Anviz computer with Anviz’s authorization.
Video&Voice over IP to communicate.
Simplify the communication in meetings. Use Voice over IP to communicate with one another.Offer the onsite service.