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Course 2.7: Access Control and Security Settings in CrossChex Standard

Set access permissions for the access control devices and security functions in the software CrossChex Standard.

January 18, 2021. (UTC+8) 14:00 English
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Curso 2,7: Configuraciones de Control de Acceso y de Seguridad en CrossChex Standard

Configurar los permisos de acceso para los dispositivos de control de acceso y las funciones de seguridad en el software CrossChex Standard

25 de enero, 2021. (UTC-5) 14:00 Español
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2.6: Statistical Analysis and Download the Results in CrossChex Standard

Analyze the data with the attendance records and download the analysis results from the software CrossChex Standard.

January 4, 2022. (UTC+8) 14:00 English
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Curso 2,6: Análisis Estadístico y Descargar el resultado en CrossChex Standard

Analizar los datos con los registros de asistencia y descargar el resultado del análisis del software CrossChex Standard

11 de enero, 2022. (UTC-5) 14:00 Español
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Course 2.5: Basic&Shift Setting in CrossChex Standard

Set the software basic parameters and time schedules in CrossChex Standard

December 14, 2021. (UTC+8) 14:00 English
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Curso 2,5: Configuración Básica y de Turnos en CrossChex Standard

Ajustes de Parámetros Básicos y Asignación de Turnos en el CrossChex Standard

21 de diciembre, 2021. (UTC-5) 14:00 Español
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Course 2.4: Record Management in CrossChex Standard

Download records to the software CrossChex Standard and add, delete and modify records manually

November 30, 2021. (UTC+8) 14:00 English
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Curso 2,4: Gestión de Registros en CrossChex Standard

Descargar registros en el software CrossChex Standard y agregar, eliminar y modificar registros manualmente

7 de diciembre, 2021. (UTC-5) 14:00 Español
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Product Launch: Introducing Anviz New Face Recognition FacePass 7 Pro

Smart Face Recognition and Infared Thermal Temperature Detection Terminal

Dec 1, 2021 10:00 AM EDT English
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Lanzamiento del producto: Anviz Presentación del Nuevo Reconocimiento Facial FacePass 7 Pro

Terminal de Reconocimiento Facial Inteligente y Detección de Temperatura Infrarroja

3 de Diciembre, 2021 GMT 4:00 PM Español
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Curso 2,3: Subir y Descargar Usuarios en CrossChex Standard

Descargar usuarios de dispositivo en el software CrossChex Standard y cargar la información de usuario en otros dispositivos

23 de noviembre, 2021. (UTC-5) 14:00 Español
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Core Technologies

Since founded, Anviz has been committed to using the world's most advanced Internet technology, information acquisition technology, network communication technology, data encryption technologies to develop generations of revolutionary security products and solutions.

Discover Our Smart Solutions

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Access Control and Time & Attendance Solution

CrossChex is an intelligent management system for access control and time & attendance equipment. The user-friendly and interactive design makes the system easy to use, and the powerful functions enable the system to easily manage your departments, personnel, shifts, payrolls, access rights.

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Video surveillance Solution

IntelliSight is an application that matches the embedded network monitoring equipment from ANVIZ. With IntelliSight, you can easily view real-time video and dynamic information anywhere from the world, enabling control and management of your entire site.

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Integrated Security Solution

One stop cloud based Intelligent integrated security solutions for access control, surveillance, video intercom, alarm solutions. An edge-domain-cloud structure ensure the felixble deployment and data security.


Think Different and Act Quick

From the advanced security terminals and solutions, to the total cloud platform, We are committed to care user experiences, and strive to create the best quality products and solutions. we develop state-of-the-art technology and create a modern factory with full process quality control. We also establish the global sales and service network, and provide services to customers around the world.

Why Anviz

Thanks to the continuous efforts of nearly 20 years, we are becoming our clients' best choice in the management of integrated security systems, and complete variety of smart and user-friendly terminals. We will keep striving to provide smart security for millions of commercial clients globally.


Grow Together

Since 2001, Anviz has been the world's leading provider of Biometrics, video surveillance, intelligent smart home and smart building solutions. We are always energetic and open to the latest trends and markets. We are promoting the application of AIoT and cloud technology to provide customers with a more integrated, convenient and efficient integrated smart solution.


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Our global sales and service network provides the best consulting and reliable technical support. Whether your project is in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Moscow, Dubai, London or Madrid, Anviz technical experts are always ready to help you. Please select the desired location and location type. You can find the responsible branch office on the map, including contact information.