ANVIZ Customer Department RMA SOP

A. RMA Flow Sheet

B. Range of this RMA SOP
This RMA SOP is only suitable for ANVIZ office in Shanghai.

C. Answers about technical questions.
Anviz Partner Portal is the authorized online business platform specialized for Anviz partners.
All Anviz partners should submit technical issues by Partner Portal. Our customer service will contact with you within 2 working days. You can login Anviz Partner Portal to submit your technical issues.
If you are not Anviz Partner, please visit ANVIZ website ( and register as My Anviz member, so that you can enjoy more efficient communication and better service!

D. RMA Form Announcement
Please fill in the RMA form (accessory.1 “RMA Application Form”) completely, then print it out and send it back with the Devices.
Please fill in information completely as follows:
1)Contact information: Company Name, Country, Contact, Sales Rep, Email, Phone, Address;
2)Product information: Purchasing date, Model, Quantity, Serial Number, Firmware Version,Warranty(Y or N), Problem Description.

E. Packaging
To avoid product damage in the process of transportation, the product returned must be packaged by its original packaging, and please use anti-static packaging to pack the electronic parts. If the products or parts damaged due to packaging, our technical engineer will determine
whether the product can be repaired and give a reply within 3 working days.

F. Processing Period
1. DOA issue (3 months after delivery date): After being confirmed by technical engineers,DOA products will be shipped out in 1-3 working days after receiving shipping information.
2. Delivery time about the products and parts in warranty period: we will send in 3-5 working days after receiving the returned products and parts.
3. Delivery time about the products and parts out of warranty period: we will send in 3-5 working days after customer pays for repair.
4. When we perform “send back device/parts” process, we need to wait for General Manager's official approved.

G. Cost
1. ANVIZ will afford the cost of repairing and shipping fee for sending back the products of DOA or warranty period products, and customer afford the one way shipping cost for returning the device/parts.
2. For product out of warranty period, customers afford all related cost.

H. Remarks
1. In order to solve technical questions quickly and efficiently, and to make sure the RMA NO.,please confirm with our technical engineer before sending any products and spare parts. Otherwise,all related costs shall be afforded by customers, including spare parts fee, courier fee and maintainance fee, etc. The products or spare parts will be sent out after receiving payment.
2. For DOA or parts in warranty period, if customers do not return them within the prescribed period,or for man-made damages, customers should buy them and afford all the related costs (including the parts cost and freight).
3. When signing for the package, customers should pay close attention to the package condition,and they may remark the reason on the AWB and refuse the parcel if any damage. This is helpful in negotiating with courier. Otherwise, we reserve the right of refusing to handle the problem.
The process will make corresponding modification and supplement with ANVIZ customer department by development.

ANVIZ Customer Department